Dictionary of War / Munich Edition
A Project by Unfriendly Takeover & Multitude e.V.
In co-operation with Muffathalle

Saturday, July 22nd, 2 - 11 pm
Sunday, July 23rd, 12 am - 11 pm
Muffathalle, Munich

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Lacking Words

The second edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR in Munich takes place during a war that provokes fear, rage and horror across the world.
The recent escalation of military force in the Middle East and its responses reveil how difficult it got today, to assess the extent of a war, that is as mad as calculated, that in its actuality is total and unquestionable, a war that is endless and apparently without ends.
"At least when we create concepts we are doing something" - the slogan borrowed by Deleuze and Guattari might gain urgency and special relevance these days:

The Lebanse video artist Akram Zaatari, who stayed in Paris when the Israely army started to bomb Beirut and could not return home, spontaneously agreed to come to Munich and to contribute a concept.
Mansur Jacoubi, who created the concept of "Realtively Calm" for the last edition, will join live from Beirut through an internet relay.
Eyal Weizman, israeli architect is going to formulate an "exergue" that will deal with the actual situation and build a connection to the first edition in Frankfurt.
Additionally to her concept, the New York based artist Julieta Aranda is going to screen films by Lebanse artists like Walid Raad, Akram Zaatari, Lamia Joreige, Joana Hadjithomas/Khalil Joreige, Ali Cherri und Nesrine Khodr from the "e-flux Video Rental" project.

The Munich edition of DICTIONARY OF WAR features contributions by 25 scientists, artists, filmmakers, architects, theorists, and activists from twelve different countries:
Amsterdam based performance group andcompany&Co; the mexican artist Julieta Aranda; media theorist Konrad Becker from Vienna; sociologist Ulrich Bröckling from Freiburg; artist Hans-Christian Dany from Hamburg; Berlin based writer Katja Diefenbach; sociologist and theorist Avery Gordon from Los Angeles; architect Manuel Herz from Cologne; Paris based art critic, translator and activist Brian Holmes; Beirut based media activist Mansur Jacoubi; human rights expert Tom Keenan from New York; Belgrad based architect Ivan Kucina; filmmaker and media artist Naeem Mohaiemen from New York and Dhaka; artist Ariane Müller from Berlin; slovenian artist Marko Peljhan; Armin Petras, writer and theatre director from Berlin; Munich based photographer and writer Stefan Römer; artist Erzen Shkololli from Kosovo; the film critics and writers Georg Seeßlen and Markus Mertz; theorist Rob Stone from London; Vienna based curator Nora Sternfeld; journalist and writer Ingrid Strobl from Cologne; activist, typesetter and lay-outer Klaus Viehmann from Berlin; London based architect Eyal Weizman.

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